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NEOS Overshoes are the best invention ever made to protect your footwear in rainy or cold and snowy winter weather. They are 100% waterproof and are ideal for anyone who goes outside for any reason. They quickly and securely fit right over your shoes, runners or work boots to keep you dry, warm and protected from outdoor weather. Unlike other overshoes NEOS have velcro which makes them extremely easy to slip on and off. The velcro goes from the toe all the way to the top providing a very large opening for you to slip your shoes or boots into. Since the nylon fabric is so flexible, they are very easy to compress and store. NEOS Overshoes might look big and heavy, but they are actually lightweight and flexible since only the sole is made from rubber. The draw string allow you to tighten the top avoiding any water that might seep into the top and protects your pant legs and footwear. Waterproof NEOS have been around for many years and the design of the boots has been perfected to make them the best protective overshoes on the market. Some customers have owned the same NEOS of 10+ years as they are a premium product that is made to last and is extremely durable.

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